Eric wordpress and websiteeriC Robinson (aka) eriC jay Robinson,eriC7,,eriC & the gO0d gOoD Feeling,has many accolades to his profession as pianist,arranger,writer,singer,producer and now managing director of his new music label Mosound Music Ltd, This blog/website will connect one to many of the projects he has to his list of credits ie; SYLVESTER,Byron Stingley,S-Express,Whitney Houston,Rev James Cleveland,Aretha Franklin & many more.

In Indianapolis Indiana’s Methodist Hospital Lila lee Robinson gave birth to her one & only son (eriC), At the age of 3 she began cultivating his singing talent,in his 5th year he began playing piano by his 7th birthday he was in concerts singing classical,negro spiritual & gospel music by age 9 he was teaching writing and arranging songs for GRACE Apostolic,Bishops Choir,Thomas A Dorsey gospel convention along w/many other church associated events, choirs,groups and his solo career up to the age 15  when eric ran away to los angelos alone but through the guidance of associated church contacts (Valarie & mama Beck), eric was introduced  to the Rev Josh Albert Hailey *godfather* with whom he wrote many gospel songs also (Henry Jackson) and (Rev James Cleveland) where eric evolved as pianist,writer and arranger of gospel music, Soon after eric made his first secular music tour w/Bobby Womack, then toured w/D.J Rodgers,both of these men encouraged eric to sing in their show,soon after being heard by producer (Jeffery Bowen & Berry Gordy VI) eric swiftly signed a 7 year contract to MOTOWN aged 16.

Near the end of eric’s contract w/MOTOWN eric was invited to London to write,perform and sing with the singers of KOKOMO,and England has now become home for the eric’s kingdom of music and style.

Eric has 2 solo albums 1. *Eric Robinson *Walk in the Light* on RCA records 2. Eric & The Good Good Feeling  *FUNKY*on Equinox Records, and many associations as featured singer ie;w/Sylvester on his Living Proof *live* album,song *A song for YOU*,w/Aretha Franklin on the La Diva album song *I was made for you*, A gospel album recorded live w/Brotherly Love entitled *Such as i have* , featured  vocalist w/Boy Marilyn,Two Tons of Fun,Brother Beyond,Beat Masters, and S Express *Hey Music Lover* a top 10 in europe 1989-90.

eriC’s first written international No.1 was Dance Disco Heat recorded by Sylvester, 1979 also eric’s second written No.1 song in europe is *Good Good Feeling* by  Eric  & the Good Good Feeling  from the album  FUNKY performed & written by eric ,co-produced w/Andy Taylor of Duran Duran fame /////
2013 New projects to be released (Mosound

2012/13 Produced NEW artist (Maria Reig) song titled *I Can’t be your Fool *(…0.0…

2012 Produced Cher Stuart (

2011 Pianist with Patrick Alans *LOVEBOX* Michelle Williams and for Mariah Careys Charity in The Dorchester Hotel London

2010 Pianist & Host of *Sing A SonG* in The Edge Bar in londons Soho Sq,for three years.

2009  Co written w/James Winchester & Shena (One Man Woman) artsist ShenaWinchester (


2007 Producing songs for Mosound Music Ltd w/ D.J Luke Hope,Hugh Stevenson,Tommy LeFunk,Tom Berlin and David Rosen *soon to be released.


2005 Producing artist for (Mosound Music Ltd)

2004 Producing songs for (Inga) Swedish artist.

2003 Co writer, Producer, additional music arrangement w/Colin Favor for artist ( Tony Rhone “Living Large”)  ( › Tony Rhone)

2002 Musical Director for Joycelyn Browm & Oliver C for show @ SOUND in Liecester Sq London.

2001 Co writing,producing songs w/Colin for freedom of Tibet in Townhouse Studios in London,including a private audience w/the (Dali Lama).

2000 Producing and Co writing modern gospel w/(Tony Rhone)  for his label.

1999 Producing songs w/(Johan Melandre) from Sweden.

1998 Musical Director for (Patrick Alans) RnB showcase clubnight LOVEBOX  in the 10 rooms london piccadilly.

1997 Co writer w/Victor Orsborne & (Byron Stingley) song titled (Get up Everybody) (

1993 Toured w (Roachford) England,Germany & Switzerland ,playing synth and singing backing vocals including television dates and Wembley Stadium.

1992 Co Writer,pianist,producer (Martha Wash *Debut*) album,song titles (Hold On Part 1&2),(, Produced by Todd Terry( Just Us *Tees MiX*)( and Co written w/Todd Terry(Run around)(

1990 Writer,Co producer w/Andy Taylor,Musician,Lead singer of (Eric & the good good feeling “Funky”) album,song titles (Good gOOD Feeling)( it up)(,(Hold On “Dont give uP”),(Hold on),(Pretty girl)(Funky),(Green eyes),(Human Nature),(You Comfort me so Sweetly),(You’re The Light of my world)

1989 Lead singer w/S Express song titled (Hey Music Lover) ( television & tour.

1983  Co writer w/Marilyn,Tom Leibengood,also pianist,arranger,producer on (Marilyn “Despite straight lines) album,song titles (Give it up)( (Third  Eye)(,

1982 Writer and Co writer pianist,arranger,singer and co producer with Allen Zentz (Eric Robinson “Walk in the Light “) on RCA records,song titles (Walk in the light)( and more to be uploaded on “” special guest vocalist *Patti Labelle*,Laurenae Wilkinson,Valarie,featured musicians Davey Johnston guitar,Robin Ford.guitar.

1982  Writer and Co writers pianist,arranger,producer (Brotherly Love “Such as i have”) gospel album with the (sT Regis Brothers) accompanying,song titles ( Such as i have,Fruits of the Spirit,Miracle Worker)

1981 Writer of gospel song  titled “Wonderful Counselor”recorded by (Rev James Cleveland) ( and the late great (Whitney Houston) ( with her mom & friend in the the american *grammy* ceremony.

1981  Writer of gospel song  titled “Wonderful Counselor”recorded by (Rev James Cleveland) ( and  performed by the late great (Whitney Houston) ( with her mom & friend in the the american *grammy* ceremony.

1981  Co writer w/Victor Orsborne and pianist on (Two Tons O Fun “Back at Cha”) album,song titles (I depend on you)( (Ive got to make it on my own)
1980  Duet w/(Aretha Franklin) filmed for Soul train television program in Los Angelos Calif, song written by her son Clarence Franklin ,entitled ( “I was made for you )”Aretha Franklin Diva album” (

1980 Co writer w/Victor Orsborne and pianist on (The two tons o fun) album song titles (Just Us) (,(Never like this)( (Cloudy with a chance of rain)( can be Heaven)( the remixed version.

1979 duet w/Sylvester and pianist “live” in the san Francisco Opera house song title (could this be magic) (

1979  Co writer w/Victor Orsborne and pianist on (Sylvester and the two tons o fun) song tile (Dance Disco Heat)(

1978  Organist w/(Natalie Cole) on tour in the United States.

1978 Pianist w/(Cheryl Lynn) for show in Dallas Texas.

1978  Pianist w/(Sly and the Family Stone) in Los Angelos Convention Centre event.

1978  Co writer w/Victor Orsborne and Pianist  for the song “On My Own”  w/(Rose Banks) Sly Stones sister in debut show @ the ROXY in Los Angelos Calif.

1977 co writer w/Josh Albert Hailey and pianist arranger for (Josh Albert Hailey) gospel album song titles (Such as i have give i thee,Last Days,Father Hold my hand,Only the strong survive,Until you come again)( › LPs – Black Gospel Albums)

1976 co writer  w/Victor Orsborne and pianist on (Smokey Robinson) album Deep in my soul,title “In my corner”(

1976 co writer  with Victor Orsborne and pianist on songs for (ROSE Banks) Sly Stones sisters album “ROSE”on Motown titles “Too Beautiful for Words”( title ” Im so glad you’re here “( title “My Life is Loving you”(

1975  Co writer and pianist on (Jermaine Jackson) My name is Jermaine album,song titled “I just wanna take this time to thank you”(

1974  Organist w/(Rev James Cleveland) on tour in the United States.

1974  Pianist w/(Little Richard) and band in Valencia California for a gospel convention.

1974 Organist and backing vocalist w/(Bobby Womack) on tour in the United States .